The decision making process of ordering a takeaway can often cause tension. How do you come to an agreement when you all want different cuisines?  

But can your preferred takeaway choice be related to where you live?

Just Eat has conducted analysis to find out if this is the case, revealing the nation's favourite takeaways based on area.

Cumbria’s favourite takeaway

Looking into British, Asian, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Japanese and fast food chains, Cumbria’s favourite takeaway was overwhelmingly fast food.

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Scoring out of 100, Allerdale voted fast food 90.28, Carlisle District voted it 65.28, and South Lakeland topped Cumbria’s love for fast food rating it 95.5 out of 100.

England’s favourite takeaway cuisines

In England overall, Italian triumphs as the country’s favourite food, scoring 60.54 overall.

The second highest-rated cuisine in England is fast food, which scores 59.16 out of 100.

The third top-rated cuisine in England is Indian, with its popularity score of 58.78 out of 100. It is the favourite food in the West Midlands.

Japanese food earns the fourth highest-rated cuisine (58.49). The East and the South East of England are its biggest fans, rating Japanese food 54.28 and 60.22 out of 100, respectively.

Elsewhere in the North of England, Mexican food rates 5th most popular, scoring 57.82 out of 100.