Meet a business which is bucking the trend when it comes to returning from the pandemic. 

Maryport’s Lifeboat Inn, situated on Senhouse Street, specialises in ales and delicious pub grub, Sunday dinners also with the option of delivery - there’s really no surprise of their resounding success amongst the community considering they hold one of TripAdvisor’s top rated posts to eat and drink within the town.

The public house came into the hands of George Kemp and his family 14 years ago after a successful run of bakeries within the town.

"They said when we bought it, it would be the boat that would never float, well it is certainly floating now and doing really well,” George said.

George, who is also an Independent Allerdale Councillor, said he has witnessed his business increase by around 300 per cent as the country slowly emerges from Covid-19.

"That’s the truth of the matter, maybe it’ll drop back down but I’m positive for the future.

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"It’s a such a shame to see some premises haven’t reopened since covid, especially when you see the amount of people coming to Maryport.

"It was hard times but at the end of the day the government looked after all of us in public houses well.

"The last few weeks have been unbelievable as well, not just with drinkers but food goers as well.

"We’ve really nothing to complain about at all,” he said.

Times and Star: MENU: Pub who's grub is famous for their Sunday roastsMENU: Pub who's grub is famous for their Sunday roasts

The Lifeboat Inn’s owner said the more businesses that come into the town and see the potential it has to offer, the better it will become.

"We’re in a town with many working class people, simple things work, no need for these fancy a la carte menus, just give people what they’re after.

"I’ve always followed my dad’s words and he always said ‘if you give good food at a good price, you’ll never go far wrong’ and that’s what we do.

"I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but my daughter and wife, they’ve got good staff and they work incredibly hard to provide a good service.

"Business is simple if your income is not more than expenditure, you’re struggling, simple as that," he said.

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