AN interesting piece of television promo has seen a ghost appear on one of Cumbria's waters.

The ghostly apparition appeared on the banks of Derwentwater to promote the launch of a new thriller for Sky called The Rising.

Surrounded by a grey mist, the blue-grey hue of the life-sized figure stunned passers-by who looked on in awe as she appeared to mouth the words 'come find me'.

The hologram projected onto the water depicted Neve Kelly, played by Clara Rugaard, the main character of the series.

Neve is seen to emerge from a lake as she returns from the afterlife to help those investigating her death to find her killer.

Daniella Hope, local to Derwentwater said: “I woke up to take a walk by the lake as I do most mornings and was stunned to see a ghostly figure coming out of the water.

"I couldn’t believe my eyes at how real it looked, to the point I was a speechless for the first few moments.

“It’s certainly an interesting way to start the morning and now I’m intrigued to find out about what happened to her.”

Developed by Kaleida, the same team who created the viral Robert Kardashian hologram in 2020, the impressive artwork took two months to create.

By using an array of postproduction techniques and a transparent holographic gauze, Kaleida has been able to create a modern-day three-dimensional ‘ghost’ that looks real enough to touch.

Serena Thompson, executive producer at Sky Studios, said: “We wanted to do something to mark the launch of this brand new series, and so we looked at how we could create something which stayed true to the show’s premise. 

"Given that the series takes a fresh, modern look at how the afterlife could interact with the real world, this ghostly figure felt very in keeping with the series’ premise.

“We worked with a tech production partner who used cutting edge technology to create a life-like 3D projection.

"Recreating a key scene from the series and bringing about a ghost-like presence to The Lake District - the location where it was originally filmed – seemed like a great way to kick off the launch of this brand new series."

All episodes of The Rising are on Sky Max and streaming service NOW from April 22.

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