The name Scaryport could soon turn from insult to advantage.

Maryport mayor Peter Kendall, told a council meeting this week that he wanted the town to become the festival capital of Cumbria.

He said he had spoken to funding and events officers in Allerdale council about the possibility of increasing the number of festivals in the town following the success of last year’s Taste of the Sea, run by the borough council but with funding from Maryport.

The town has also proved itself as an appropriate festival venue. Before last year’s food festival the town hosted a huge blues festival which attracted thousands to Maryport. It also boasted many huge stars including Chuck Berry, Lulu, Jools Holland and some of the biggest names in blues.

Mr Kendall said the town had also run a sea shanty festival which he would like revived. And, of course, there is Scaryport. He said: “I have been trying to get rid of that name for years but I think we could use it to our advantage. Why not a Scaryport Halloween festival?"

Mr Kendall said the present Maryport council and ones to come, would surely help support events that would bring so much to the town.