A NEW and already established piercing and aesthetics studio has set up their shop in Workington.

Sinead Madrick said the new Otorva studio on Jane Street is still a bit of a working-progress but "we're getting there". 

Whilst the business has been getting a renowned reputation since it's inception last December, in between lockdowns, this is the first time, Sinead has had her own premise. 

Unfortunately for Sinead however, it was a serious health event that spurred on her decision to go into business for herself in the first place. 

"I was diagnosed with a rare illness called Cushing Syndrome and I just thought I don't want to work in my old job anymore, I wanted to do something for myself. Life's too short," she said. 

Sinead said the freedom that comes with your own business is unrivalled, albeit the extra things you have to take into account such as company finances. 

"I can wear what I what, do what I want and say what I want, it's a different sort of stress but it's well worth it. 

"It's nice at the end of the day when you realise you're not just another number," she said.

Times and Star: UNIQUE: Designs on offer at OrtovaUNIQUE: Designs on offer at Ortova

Sinead, who has been trained by the Body Piercing Academy and is fully accredited by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), offers body piercings, ear piercings, but also aesthetics in the way of dermal-fillers and looks to branch in botox within the future. 

The difference for Otorva however in comparison to other similar businesses, is that the way of piercing method used, Sinead opts for the more safe method of using a needle and opposes using the gun as she feels it can be very 'unsafe'. 

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"I offer a selection from different suppliers throughout the APP and worldwide, which I know other piecer's don't offer, so that's my main thing, I wanted to be able to provide jewellery that other people aren't providing," she said. 

Sinead's specialised selection is available online for purchase and for all piercing and aesthetics needs, you can arrange an appointment via Facebook as the new premise will be open Monday to Friday 10- 5pm, with walk-ins available as well as open for bookings on Saturday's. 

Looking ahead, Sinead has exciting plans for the business. 

"I'd like to open more shops elsewhere in the future such as Carlisle and Whitehaven and the likes. 

"I'd also like to be able to take on staff and give the young ones a chance. 

"A lot of young people have been turned away from apprenticeships in the area and not given a chance, so it would be nice to give those kids a chance in the way of an opportunity in the future," she said.

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