IT'S often one of the greatest challenges in someone's schooling life - convincing mum and dad that you are just too poorly to go in for the day.

It's a classic scene in households up and down the country - but not for one Maryport girl.

Abbie Armstrong, 16, left school at Netherhall in the town last week, holding a rather prestigious accolade - she has never had a day off school since the day she walked through the doors of her nursery to start her education.

She also had 100 per cent attendance during her time at Maryport Church of England Primary School, better known as Camp Road.

Rather humble about the whole thing, Abbie said she has just 'never got round to' having a day without school.

Abbie said: "I don't really know how I have done it, I dont really mind school so I have just gone there.

"My teachers have just said that it's really good and they are proud, my friends just say to me how do you do it... but I just never get round to it."

Abbie is still unsure about what she would like to do when she is older, but she will be staying on at Netherhall Sixth Form to continue her studies.

Abbie's mum Helen Armstrong said: "I had a phone call from Netherhall to say that Abbie had never had a day off school since she started; I turned around and said well she has never had a day off school since she started at nursery.

"I'm really proud of her, she has never not wanted to go to school, she has never really wanted to stay off."

Abbie has managed to rack up some accolades, celebrating her achievement receiving four awards from her time at senior school and a £25 Amazon voucher from Netherhall.

'It's her dedication and her work ethic'

Headteacher at Netherhall, David Tromans said: "Its a remarkable achievement isn't it, and it speaks about the character of Abbie and the fabulous dedicated and hardworking young person that she is.

"You have resillience if you can do that of overcoming difficulties, because all people have difficulties that might stop them but Abbie has clearly been completed dedicated to her schooling and that will be reflected in her attainment and achievements at school as well.

"We are extremely proud of Abbie and she will do fabulously well this year, but it's her dedication and her work ethic that means she is going to do so well."

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