Forty-four benches have been replaced or mended and a playground was created as part of a  partnership project in Maryport.

Maryporters, a group dedicated to making the town a good place to live and visit, received £25,000 from the Cumbria County Council Maryport Town Council added £4,000 for the benches project and the work was overseen by Allerdale council.

Maryporters' chairman Debbie Wright, said the project had been an example of what could be done by partnerships.

Each bench, along the Maryport Promenade, features a Roman emperor.

The promenade is overlooked by the Senhouse Roman Museum and manager Jane Lasky and her team researched the names of all the emperors who had been in position during the occupation of Britain.

The benches show the head of an emperor and information about each one.

A 45th bench has been put at the top of the town's popular Fairy Path,

~The money was also used to upgrade a playground for pre-schoolers up to the age of four. This includes a pirate ship being 'chased' by sharks and board games.

The work was carried out by a local firm, Shane Taylor Welding.

"This was the company that did work on the gazebo, an earlier project. They did a great job and it was good to be able to bring them back for this project," Debbie said.

She also thanked Allerdale officer Toni Magean who had organised the project.

The work on the playground was all done using recycled plastic.