ONE of Cockermouth’s most beloved coffeeshops has just opened a brand new premise in the picturesque town of Keswick.

Moon & Sixpence Coffeehouse owner and self-proclaimed 'coffee-addict', Stephen Kidd, said he is delighted to open his new shop on the shores of the 'idyllic' Derwentwater. 

"It's amazing, I feel really lucky to be able to have the opportunity through there. It's a lot of work but I was ready to do something else and the opportunity presented itself and you don't say no to an idyllic spot like that," he said. 

Times and Star:

Stephen has been brewing loving cups in Cockermouth since 2016. 

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"A lot of Keswickians have been coming to the shop in Cockermouth anyway, so they are really pleased to have a spot in Keswick now - which is always really great to hear. 

"Everything we use is local as much as possible, coffee from Carvetiie, farm and local organic milk and local bakers. We try to keep everything were we can in the local community, for me, it's all about building relationships with suppliers and looking after each other," he said. 

Stephen said his favourite part about running the business is getting to do what he loves every day and consistently challenging himself.

"I love working with coffee, I like the challenges it throws at me even-though sometimes can become a little bit too much, it's an ever-changing machine," he said. 

Times and Star: Stephen Kidd in Cockermouth shopStephen Kidd in Cockermouth shop

When asked his plans and ambitions for the business, Stephen aims to keep the business grounded along with its beans. 

"It can be very easy to go too fast and lose everything you care about, so we're doing everything in our time, at a slow pace where we can keep the product, keep the consistency and make everything as perfect as we can possibly make it. 

You can visit the Cockermouth shop seven days a week, with the Keswick premise open Wednesday - Sunday and in each front, you'll always be greeted with a smiling face. 

"The team and staff we have are all great, I want to thank them for all they do," he said. 

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