CARLISLE band Hardwicke Circus presented Maryport's Graeme McGrory with a cheque for £848.55 raised at Feel The BLUES as a donation to Alzheimer's Society.

Feel The BLUES events raise awareness of how music helps those who are affected by Dementia and funds for Alzheimer's Society. They were started by Graeme for his partner Ann Westcott who has a rare type of Alzheimer's, PCA.

Ann loves music and is now at Dalton Court Care Home in Cockermouth.

Around £5000 has now been raised for Alzheimer's Society by Feel The BLUES since 2015.

Feel The BLUES with Hardwicke Circus and Friends was held at Grasslot Club Maryport on July 3. The band played to an audience of over 200.

The show was introduced by (Baroness) Sue Hayman who said some moving words about Ann and her love of music. Sue is a supporter of Alzheimer's Society as well as a friend of Ann and Graeme.

Following a set of Hardwicke originals, the band was joined by a succession of guests from 8 Cumbrian bands who joined them to play specially chosen blues classics. The show comprised of around 20 songs and lasted just under 2 hours.

The guests were Ethan Thomas from Checkerboard Lounge (who also played at Dalton Court for Ann, residents and staff), Steve Smith from Delta Geckos, Ryan Burns from Mama-Sang And The Robot, Colin Nichol and Mandy Hays from MT Arms, Ronny Milburn from One Cut, Ashley Robertshaw and Zoe Glencross from Somethin' Brewin' (Zoe also played at Dalton Court).

Other guests included Hoss Thompson and Lol Jackson from Thirteen Stars, Chris Walker from Time Machine, Zack McDade who used to be in Hardwicke Circus also joined the band for a few songs.

After a Raffle organised by Lisa Greasely the show ended with a finale of The Weight and Rocking In The Free World which is Feel The BLUES theme song. The band was joined by all guests and Matt Long from Catfish. It was a memorably stunning way to end with a full dance floor.

Jonny Foster said: "It was a privilege for the Hardwickes to host so many great musicians to help Ann with music and raise £848.55 for Alzheimer's Society at Feel The BLUES."