Jacques O'Neill's family have revealed the Love Island star was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of nine, following his dramatic exit from the villa on Tuesday.

The star of the ITV dating series has come under fire from viewers for some of his behaviour on the show.

Jacques was in a couple with Paige after partnering up with her when he entered the villa.

But in recent episodes, there has been tension between the pair following his behaviour in Casa Amor when he "tested his connection" with her by getting to know other girls.

While Jacques had been in the dog house for several days, it looked like he was just about to win Paige round after he left her a romantic note in her bed for her to find.

Why has Jacques left the villa on Love Island?

Jacques left the villa with a parting message to Paige where he said "do what she needs to do", "not to think about him when he leaves" and that he will wait for her on the outside.

Jacques continued: "The only way for this to work is for me to get back to myself.

"I just want to get home and be myself again and carry things on the outside."

Jacques’ family reveal ADHD diagnosis

Before leaving the villa, Jacques’ family, who had been running his social media account, made a desperate plea to fans amid 'hate' from viewers.

His family said: “Jacques was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 9 years old.

“By no means is this a get out clause for his actions but it is to show that he can fundamentally struggle with his emotions at times.

“He is an amazing person who I'm proud to call my friend/little brother.

"All the hate thrown towards Jacques doesn't go to him directly…. It comes to his loved ones who have always supported him and not just whilst he is on Love Island.

“Love Island, although real. Is still a show where the producers do have control and we see 45minutes out of the 1440 in 24hours. Please be kind♥️.”

Love Island continues from 9pm on ITV2.