FEARS for jobs in Workington have grown after it has been confirmed up to 120 jobs at the Amcor Flexibles factory in Workington may be at risk.

Staff were alerted to the news that jobs may be at risk in the factory after a proposal to close one of the production units (Short Run Flexo) in Workington was confirmed.

The site on the Salterbeck Industrial Estate in Workington has been a big employer in the town for a number of years, with the factory producing packaging predominantly for food products.

It is believed that staff initially found out about the uncertainty of their jobs through social media.

Nick Blair, plant general manager at Amcor Flexibles Cumbria, is believed to have delivered the news to staff at the factory in Workington on Tuesday afternoon after receiving an email early Monday afternoon.

Sources close to the factory believe that work is being transferred to other factories within the group – such as Evesham.

A spokesman for Amcor Flexibles said: "From year to year, we adapt our operations and capabilities to the changing market landscape and opportunities, to ensure we are best positioned to serve our customers.

"To help us set up Amcor Flexibles Cumbria to succeed in the long-term, Amcor announced today the proposal to close one of the production units (Short Run Flexo) at AF Cumbria, subject to consultation with workforce representatives.

"This proposal would mean that AF Cumbria would remain focused on the site’s higher performing production areas - Amcell and Extrusion Portfolio.

"The consultation period with co-workers will start on July 12, 2022 and is expected to last up to 90 days.

"Conversations with employee representatives around a social plan to support employees will start immediately.

"Service to customers and manufacturing activity at the site is not affected during the consultation period.

"This proposal could affect up to 120 roles, subject to consultation with workforce representatives."