Summer holidays - and after two years of the pandemic how we need them.

On these pages we feature photos of summers past and although they are all from this century, we look back at them with nostalgia.

When they were taken nobody could have imagined that, in a very short time, the world would would be closed down by Covid.

But now it is 2022. the world has pretty much opened and now we the world is open again - except that it is almost impossible to get anywhere!

Flights are being cancelled because of a lack of staff.

It would be easier now to drive to the continent if that is your destination except that the Post-Brexit regulations require all passports to Europe to be stamped and there are not enough French customs officers on this side of the channel. So enjoy the drive - but be prepared for long queues and waits of many hours at the ferry ports.

Thank goodness for the trains!Except, of course, that industrial action is causing havoc on the railways, too.

Maybe these folk have the right idea. Not only can you have a pretty good time and some surprising ones, too.

Urban Classical 2010 looked like a great event.

A late summer evening of Bond film music and Proms favourites performed by Manchester Camerata at Derwent Park stadium in Workington.

It included fairies,cars, music and more. What a lovely way to spend an evening.

Then there is the Workington Academy Art,Technology and music summer show, To be honest, we are not quite sure what we are looking at. Did Fiona Taylor create the head next to her or is it a real person and, if so, why is it wearing a medical collar?

Thanks to our councils, schools, youth clubs,libraries and selfless volunteers, there is usually enough going on in our area that is either free or of very low cost that there is bound to be something to do or somewhere close by to go.

Check out our regular feature: 10 Things to Do in Allerdale.

If you are going anywhere further afield, we wish you a great, stress-free holiday.

If you are staying too can have a wonderful time.