TAKING it's name from the Latin word 'alive', what keeps the VeeVa Coffee shop alive is a love for all things coffee and a healthy band of support from tourists and locals alike. 

The convivial social hub, situated in Cockermouth's Station Road, has been feeding mouths and providing slurps from all walks of life for 11 years.

General manager, Gareth Williams, said he has seen everything from covid to the floods within his time in charge. 

"We were here for the 2015 floods, obviously we're up the top of Station Road, so we're kinda out the way of everything but we became this centre and meeting spot were everyone was starting off with police congregating and the likes. We were doing runs giving out coffee and sandwiches to all the homes affected.

"It was a strange time but kind of a nice time at the same in terms of the community spirit but hopefully we'll never have that again," he said.

Times and Star: Delectable homebaked goods on offer in their afternoon teasDelectable homebaked goods on offer in their afternoon teas  

The cafe, which is owned by the Mitchell's Auction Company, offers everything in the way of a "home-baked menu", from their fresh-made scones, afternoon teas, as well as offering an extensive vegan and vegetarian selection, there's plenty for everyone. 

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"After eleven years, we have a strong customer base. But the base is a surprise to me, it's not specific, we have the mums and prams coming in, older folks, school children and younger ones going out for themselves the first time. 

"There's not many places I can go without bumping into a customer now, I even bumped into a customer in San Francisco once, so it's nice to go places and stop for a chat along the way," he said. 

Like many businesses in the hospitality trade, VeeVa is currently opening its doors in the way of new staff members joining. 

Times and Star: Full House in the coffee shopFull House in the coffee shop

"For us the main thing at the minute is steadying the ship in regards to the staff situation, which I know ever sector is suffering with. With the business staying consistently busy, we need to get the staff to a level where its comfortable and you don't have to worry about closing the odd day here and there.

We're looking for permanent staff for the holidays and to come in September," he said. 

Gareth wanted to thank his team and loyal customers for all the support they give. 

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