UNSIGHTLY weeds around a pretty harbour wall may be there for a while.

Maryport mayor Peter Kendall said the weeds are a 'disgrace', especially at the time of year when tourists start coming to the town.

"The harbour is a place they like to visit but the weeds are a total disgrace," he said.

Maryport Town Council wrote to Allerdale council several weeks ago asking for something to be done about the weeds.

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However, the borough council now says that the harbour location is "not within our current contract."

He also said using herbicides near a waterway would require consultation with the Environment Agency.

"We work closely with our partners at the County Council on the management of weeds in the streets, pavements and public areas and we will look to see what can be done at this location regarding the weeds which is not within the contract for our regular programme of works for street maintenance.

"In recent years we have looked to reduce the use of herbicide to protect the environment, and this particular area has added complications as it is close to a waterway and would therefore require consultation with the Environment Agency."