A PROPOSAL has been submitted to the council for amendments to a previously approved 65 dwelling development.

Allerdale Borough Council has received an application to make a series of amendments to the 65 residential unit development on land at Station Road, adjacent to Aspatria Rugby Club.

The site is situated behind the main street which runs through the town centre.

Proposed amendments include driveways being altered to a minimum of three metres where adjacent to a fence.

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Realignment work has been carried out at plot 14 and the fence line moved.

In a cover letter submitted to the council, the agent, Summit Town Planning said: “There has been a relocation of the access bellmouth to the south to avoid the stats chamber north of the bellmouth. Clearance of 300mm has been allowed between the footway and chamber.”

The footway on the southern side of the access road has been discontinued.

The agent said: “This allows the chamber to the south of the chamber to be avoided. There is currently no footway provision on Station Road to the south of the bellmouth so the discontinuation of the footway would not affect the site’s accessibility to key amenities, albeit pedestrians would now need to walk over a grassed area to reach the adjacent rugby club.”

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Creation of dropped kerbs and “tactile paving” on Station Road will allow pedestrian connections to the footway to the west of the road.

Summit Town Planning said: “This provision is an enhancement compared to the planning approved scheme and allows pedestrians wishing to travel south to do so safely.”

Planning approval was initially given with the creation of a new access point on Station Road.

The public can view and comment on all applications submitted to Allerdale Borough Council.

To view applications submitted for Allerdale visit: https://www.allerdale.gov.uk/en/planning-building-control/planning-applications/

Councillors will take comments of support or objection into account when giving their verdict on planning proposals.

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