A MOUNTAIN Rescue team were called out after a walker heard 'convincing cries' and saw a 'solitary figure' on a crag.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team were called out on August 1 at 6.26pm to Raven Crag after a walker heard convincing cries of help from Gillercomb Buttress.

When attempts were made to hail the caller no reply was heard.

A solitary figure was seen stationary on the crag but it wasn’t possible to ascertain if it was related.

With no mobile signal it was two hours before the informant could call 999 to report their experience.

Team members approached the Raven Crag area of Grey Knotts from Honister to undertake a search of the area where the reported shouts were heard.

There was no evidence of anyone on the crags, nothing was seen or heard, so the team returned to base.