PUBLIC questions and answer sessions covering the reorganisation of Cumbria’s councils will be held in the coming weeks to keep the public informed.

A report produced on the process to reorganise Cumbria into two new council areas will be discussed by councillors next week.

The report produced by officers reveals the next steps in the process to create Cumberland Council for the west and Westmorland & Furness for the east.

A group of cross-party council members is currently being consulted on plans for services under the new councils.

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And the report reveals that Q&A sessions will be organised for members of the public for the end of August/early September.

Monthly staff Q&As will be set up following a briefing on July 4.

Delivery plans will then be finalised and a continued focus will be given to the crucial work of making the councils “safe and legal on day one.”

Draft budgets will be set for the two new authorities ahead of a consultation process in November.

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Development and finalisation of council plans will take place with the aim to adopt them by October/November.

Operating models and officer structures will then be developed for the new authorities with staff involvement and consultation ongoing.

The aim is to complete the assignment of staff to posts in the new authorities by November.

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