KEY decisions and considerations for leading councillors of Cumberland in the coming weeks include setting the budget, whether a parish council will be created in Stanwix and the council tax reduction scheme.

Cumberland Council is set to govern in Carlisle, Allerdale and Copeland by 2023, taking over from the existing county, city and borough councils.

But councillors elected in May are currently serving as a Shadow Authority, making key decisions to establish the new council before taking-over from the existing councils.

And the publicly available plan for the leadership of the new authority reveals the decisions and issues it must consider in the coming weeks.

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Leading councillors will consider the blueprints for services under the new authority at the executive meeting on August 17.

In a series of executive meetings, the council leadership will be asked whether they wish to approve spending for the existing councils.

For this interim period the existing council’s capital spending has to be approved by the new authority.

At its September 20 meeting, the Cumberland Council executive will receive the outcome of a Community Governance Review in Stanwix.

The review has been launched, engaging with residents, to consider whether a parish council should be created in the urban area of Stanwix.

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October will see the leadership consider proposals for a 2023/24 balanced budget. Councillors will also receive the Medium Term Financial Forecast.

Discretionary housing payments and non-domestic rates will also be considered in October.

The next meeting of Cumberland Council’s scrutiny committee is set to take place on Wednesday.

Scrutiny committees are tasked with acting as a critical friend to the leadership, ensuring residents receive the best possible services.

And at its next meeting, the committee will scrutinise the draft Cumberland Plan. The document will set the tone for the new authority laying out its vision and strategies.

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