A PRIMARY school looking for a memorable way to mark the Queen's death and funeral turned to a local florist for help.

The result was that the children, with the help of Lisa Hayton from Flowers for Lisa, who operates on the Ewanrigg estate, made some beautiful red, white and blue wreaths that really were fit for a Queen.

Times and Star: Wreaths fit for a Queen createdby the children of Ewanrigg scjpp;Wreaths fit for a Queen createdby the children of Ewanrigg scjpp; (Image: Ewanrigg School)

Some children were invited to her business to do a workshop, so they could see first hand how to make the wreaths.

She showed the children how to design and create a couple of special wreaths to honour Queen Elizabeth II.

Times and Star:

One of these wreaths was laid next to the Jubilee Tree in school, the other to be laid in the Maryport Memorial Gardens.

Administrator Julie Moir said: " We can't thank Lisa enough for her time, patience and expertise.

"The children learned about where some of the flowers came from, the names of flowers that were used and even how they achieved unusual colours and what materials were used in the process.

"They were very proud of what they achieved."

A civic service for the Queen will be held in All Souls Church, Netherton, on Sunday at 9.30. All welcome.