A former Victorian cobbler's shop in Maryport turned eerie house has taken centre stage in a trending BBC podcast.

The Uncanny series, specifically episode 'Case 8: The Guest Book,' features the host Danny Robbins exploring the chilling tale experienced by Kitty.

Kitty, who lived in this spooky dwelling between 2012 and 2013, moved into the house with her partner, a man named Malcolm whom she'd grown close to after working together.

The tale takes a sinister turn as it isn't long before Kitty realised that they weren't alone in the house.

Detailing her first unsettling encounter, Kitty recounts feeling the presence of someone who didn't want her there the first time she was home alone.

The narrative grows darker, with Danny narrating an incident where Kitty ends up crossing paths in the nighttime with 'the back of a woman' with long dark hair.

Adding to the creepiness, she also revealed that her partner Malcolm wasn't new to these spectral sightings and adopted a surprisingly laid-back attitude, having seen the apparition on numerous occasions himself.

The ghostly presence wasn't reserved for the couple alone.

The podcast also mentions other eyewitness accounts of these paranormal phenomena, including numerous Airbnb guests who had stayed at the property when they were moving out. 

One person wrote in the guest book: "You should have told me this house was haunted. Too many scary experiences for one weekend." 

To experience the full tale of the haunted house, tune in to the podcast on BBC Sounds and share the chill of Kitty's story.