CUMBRIAN Married at First Sight star Adrienne has spoken out about ‘the incredible journey’ she has been on despite leaving the show alone.

Adrienne Naylor, 26, who works as a project support officer in Cumbria, entered the show as an 'intruder bride', marrying her husband Matt with all looking well.

But in the final episode on Thursday night, November 16, Adrienne left the show single after her and Matt decided to part ways, with the support officer saying today the process ‘takes its toll’.

In an Instagram post yesterday, Adrienne said: “That’s a wrap on MAFS 23. I’ m so proud of myself for stepping out my small-town comforts and embarking on this incredible journey.

“The girl you see on the screen is the girl I am. I didn’t once try to change for the sake of the show. I had so much hope going into the experiment and was so ready to meet ‘my person’.

“The process takes its toll on all of us and there’s so much that goes on behind closed doors and off camera.

“Watching back, it’s upsetting as I can see the girl I was going into the experiment VS the reunion. BUT I’m grateful to have been on this unique adventure with some incredible people.

“To everyone who’s reached out with love and heart touching stories of similar experience - I got you.

“I stand by my morals, and I am a strong independent woman. I will not settle for anything less than I deserve.

"The only ‘I love you’ I’m throwing around is to myself, because if you can’t love yourself how the hell can you love someone else - Amen.”