Candidate name: Mark Jenkinson

Party: Conservative

Main priorities: I will ensure that we invest in our children’s education, with more money for EVERY school.

I will support our NHS – while others talk but don’t deliver, ONLY the Conservatives have consistently delivered for the NHS in West and North Cumbria in its lifetime.

I will fight for improved infrastructure – we’re held back by poor road, rail and digital links.

Brexit: No ifs, no buts – we MUST implement the decision of the nearly two thirds of Workington voters that voted to Leave. If parliament hasn’t passed Boris’ deal by January 31, I will wholeheartedly support a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

Policy commitment: The first priority has to be to deliver Brexit. We have wasted over three years debating Brexit while Labour (including our current MP) and other Remain MPs try to block it at every turn. People want us to get Brexit done.