Candidate name: Nicky Cockburn

Party: Independent

Main priorities: NHS, especially more GPs trained to reduce waiting times and certainly resist further privatisation. It’s unethical to consistently go abroad for medical personnel, we need to train our own and value them.

Better infrastructure to attract business and investment. We already have innovative firms, however the links to the area disadvantages both existing and potential businesses.

Investment in flood reduction measures. We had many meetings after the 2015 floods but little else was achieved. Farmers should be helped with upland storage, tree planting and slowing the flow solutions and for example the forestry commission required to implement flood reduction measures.

Brexit: Get Brexit Done! I will represent the constituency and what the majority voted for, Leave. MPs have been busy scuppering deals and conniving to find ways to remain in the EU. Brexit is what I and the majority of the electorate voted for.

Policy commitment: not provided