Candidate name: Jill Perry

Party: Green Party

Main priorities: We need protection from flooding and we need jobs for skilled workers in practical trades. These can all be achieved with work to make our area climate-neutral. We could be making changes to our existing housing stock, which would create jobs and make running them much cheaper for people. We could be planting trees, restoring peat bogs, meadows and hedgerows and building renewable energy plants. We could revitalise our education system so it did not focus just on exam results.

Brexit: I believe we should have a People’s Vote and I would campaign to remain in the EU. The constituency has benefited from opportunities to travel and work abroad, workers’ rights and environmental legislation and money which has flowed from Europe.

Policy commitment: I would fight for the introduction of legislation to address climate change. We need help to fund the changes to our existing housing stock, and we need to make public transport comfortable, cheap and regular.