Candidate name: Roy Ivinson

Party: Independent

The latest potential election candidate hoping to stand for the Workington constituency is poultry farmer Roy Ivinson.

Main priorities: I want to stop rising sea levels by making a zero carbon economy in West Cumbria, that is my absolute main focus.

West Cumbria has an economic opportunity to be a major player in zero carbon economy.

I want to encourage land based wind turbines.

I want people to have a financial benefit from living near wind turbines.

Two percent of the electricity it produces should belong to Allerdale council.

Brexit: I would like to see us get an agreement.

We have got to get an agreement that allows us to move towards an independent coastal state.

My position is not massively different to Nigel Farage.

I would like to see a free trading agreement, we need a managed Brexit.

Policy commitment: My main focus is stopping global warming, sea levels are rising in our constituency and almost everyone is inside the coast.