On the 11th day of the 11th month the First World War ended and since then people from all over the UK have come together to commemorate and honour the lives lost. We now commemorate people who died in all the wars on this day aswell. On the 13th of November 2022, Keswick held its remembrance service and I went along as an explorer scout to represent them. The full service started at 10 am in St John’s Church, where hymns were sung and people did bible readings. We said a prayer for the new king and then the procession started.

The people at the front of the procession held flags from explorers, scouts, cubs and beavers, as well as others. The wreath carriers were up next, then dignitaries such as the mayor of Keswick, and behind them were members of the public. The walk down from St John’s Church went down Church Lane then down Southey Street to the cenotaph at the junction of Station Road and Penrith Road. Police stopped the traffic so the event could take place. Walking down, made me feel very important because you are part of such a big thing.

The service at the War Memorial started off with 2 minutes of silence followed by more prayer and then when you were called upon, the poppy wreaths were laid and you saluted. Throughout this, the flag carriers were raising and lowering the flags. After this, a representative for the cadets spoke and then the event ended. Many people came to show respect on that day brandishing red poppies. This was an amazing experience and makes you feel like you are part of something so large. As my grandma says, it’s ‘so important not to forget what others did for us.’

What is the significance of the poppy? The poppy has been used to symbolise remembrance for over 100 years and was a hope for a brighter future after the First World War. These flowers were also the flowers that grew on the battlefields when everything looked bleak, growing in thousands. This service reminds us of loss and healing and that's why it’s so important. The memories of the ones who gave their life for us will forever be in our hearts.