As the weather gets colder and the temperatures drop, we are all looking for ways to keep warm in these times. Here are some ideas on how to stay warm this winter and keep the heating bills down!


Wearing lots of thin layers instead of one thick jumper 

This traps the heat inside the layers so it's more effective to heat you and it allows you shed a layer if you get too hot.


Using a hot water bottle 

This is good if you sit still for an extended period of time or when you’re sleeping so you don't have to heat your house as much overnight.

Wearing fingerless gloves in the house

You can still have dexterity, whilst keeping your hands warm.

Hot drinks throughout the day

This makes your brain think your whole body is warm.

Closing curtains in the evenings

I know it's simple but this little act keeps the heat from escaping through the window.

Getting Draft Excluder

This stops cold air from entering your house through gaps in doors and windows.

Go to a local community heat hub 

For example, in Keswick, they have just introduced their ‘winter warmth scheme’ for everyone.

Moving around regularly

Sitting still for long amounts of time can make you cold so getting up and moving your body for a little bit can warm you up.


Let's stay warm this winter!