Frustrated Workington Town head coach Chris Thorman has questioned the attitude and desire of some of his players ahead of a crucial trip to North Wales this weekend.

Town are set to tackle the Crusaders on Sunday (2.30pm kick-off) after back-to-back defeats against Oldham and Newcastle which have dented their hopes of finishing in the play-off places.

Thorman did not name names but admitted he has been less than impressed with the application of some of the squad in recent weeks and said he saw the last two losses coming.

He believes things must change – and quickly – if they are to mount a serious challenge for promotion from League 1.

“I’ve been very disappointed with some players’ attitudes and desire and it’s made me reflect on what this group wants to get out of this season and what motivates them to play rugby league,” he said.

“The last couple of weeks I’ve been scratching my head as to why some of them play and get involved.

“You can make your season what you want it to be and I’m starting to see why they haven’t which is a bit of a concern for the club.

“I’ll keep driving it and putting it back on the players.

“I can educate and coach them but they’ve got to want to achieve success.

“All I ask is for improvement every week and for players to be committed to the cause.

“Not every week is going to be perfect but what I can’t accept is lack of effort and poor attitude, not actually wanting to be here and having priorities elsewhere.”

Despite his obvious irritation, Thorman felt Wednesday night’s training session was ‘productive’ and hopes it will inspire a reaction from the players.

He added: “You tend to get what you deserve in this sport.

“We had a really good, productive session last night where I just gave them some home truths.

“I just put it back on them because the best environments are player-driven and I’m not sure that right now ours is.

“There is only so much I can do and the rest of the club can do to support them.”