‘We got what we deserved’ - that was the verdict of Workington Town boss Chris Thorman after a poor performance saw them lose 30-4 at home to Doncaster in the final league game of the season.

The loss also ended any hopes of a home play-off game in next weekend’s eliminator with other results combining to send Town to Hunslet.

And Town didn’t make Doncaster work hard for their 30-4 win which frustrated Thorman.

“I don’t care about other results, it’s my job as Workington Town coach to be bothered about our performance and results and today I thought we absolutely got what we deserved,” he said.

“It was really lack lustre, we lacked intent, our attitude was poor throughout and I even thought our warm up was poor. We were just really flat and quiet.

“I spoke to Danny Tickle afterwards and I expect a fair bit from him and he said for the first time in a few weeks we didn’t follow through with anything we said we were going to follow through with.

“I thought we did a reasonably good job of keeping Rangi Chase quiet but aside from that we didn’t make Doncaster work for anything they gained.”

He added: “I just said to the boys Whitehaven have won a competition by being disciplined and completing their sets.

“Rugby league is a relatively straight forward game when you do the basics well and that’s what Whitehaven have done and what Doncaster did here.

“We showed a total lack of respect for the ball. Our first half performance was as bad as it’s been since I arrived and that was purely because of a lack of intent.

“We didn’t turn the ball over on our terms and I’ve preached that since I arrived. When you give a team like Doncaster field position and territory consistently you are going to concede points.”