BODYBUILDER Alan Moore, 71, of Belvedere Street in Workington has brought home a world title.

Moore trains and works at Interim Fitness and made it to the top of the World finals in Rome on Sunday November 3.

But he isn't satisfied to leave it there: "I'm going to do the Europe's next year" he said.

"I want both titles."

He said that the competition in Rome was fierce.

"There was a lot of good physiques that turned up from France, Germany, Africa..."

He said that the key to his success was consistency and surrounding himself with positive people.

Moore thanked his training partners, Russell Crone, Paul Cartmel and Billy Holliday.

"They were all there for me" he said, "I had a lot of support from my nearest and dearest in my corner, Sandy McCarthy."

Moore is now an experienced physique competitor: "I went back in 67', I stopped when I was 42."

"I was training someone for a contest and I was getting in better shape than him. That sparked the fire."

Moore added that he wants to inspire others with his victory: "Age is no barrier. 'I'm too old, I'm too tired, it's too cold,' as the ad says, just do it!"

"I have had lots of title winners train in my place.

"Winning titles is all about discipline and having a go. If you don't know your destination how do you get there?"

And Moore's training partner Billy Holliday has himself topped the podium in the past. Holliday was crowned Mr Cumbria in May 2017 having bounced back from a heart condition.