Workington Town officials have praised the spirit and resilience of their fans during the coronavirus lockdown.

Rugby league, like all sports, has been suspended due to the virus outbreak but fans have been playing their part in helping keep the club going.

Chairman Les Smallwood said: “It is really humbling to see the supporters groups stepping up at a time like this and raising money for the club, despite what is going on.

“The Travellers Rest and Derwent Park supporters’ clubs have been brilliant, along with many individuals who are all raising sponsorship.”

And in return the club is trying to keep in touch with fans via their live webchat on a Sunday afternoon which has hosted players, officials and coach Chris Thorman, among others.

“We are all missing the interaction with fans but we hope that the webcast and social media, although reduced, is keeping us all in touch,” added Smallwood.

“Considering the circumstances, everyone is in good spirits, from coaching staff to volunteers to players, although everyone is missing their rugby league.

“Most of our players have been playing rugby since they were five or six so it is very difficult when it stops overnight but, as a club, we have messaging groups and we are all keeping in touch.

“This is the unknown but we are trying to deal with it the best way we can.”

Smallwood praised the players for keeping up with their individual training plans for lockdown as they work out in their homes, gardens or garages, as well as using their daily exercise.

And he also thanked the RFL and Ralph Rimmer for keeping them up to date with all developments.

“Ralph and his team have been very clear in their communications. We still await more government advice and until then we will continue to follow all the guidelines,” he added.

“Our players have been excellent throughout and very understanding so all credit to them for their approach to any issues.”