If there's ever an excuse to grow a moustache that your partner disapproves of, it's to raise funds for your beloved rugby league team.

With all matches on hold until lockdown is over, a group of devoted Workington Town RLFC fans are using the worrying time to make people smile and raise funds for their team.

Dad-of-three Alan Murray, along with seven other avid supporters, is sporting a "'#Tashfortown" until their next match, in the hopes of keeping their team supported during the pandemic.

"Hopefully [matches] come back sooner rather than later, but until it's safe to do so, we want to do what we can to make sure the team can still be here at the end of it all," the Workington man said.

"It's just a bit of fun for us, and something that we can do while still isolating."

Explaining the choice of challenge, Alan said with a laugh: "It was just because it gave us a catchy slogan, so why not?

"We've just got our wives asking us when we are going to be getting rid of them now!"

But it's not just the tache task raising funds, as Alan was challenged to run 100k over 10 days if the group managed to raise £100 – which they did with ease.

The 36-year-old said: "It wasn't easy doing it, and people were giving funny looks when I first started it, but by the end I was getting smiles and waves, and even thumbs up which was great.

"Now I can say aye, I've done it, and raised more money for Town and other charities too, so I'm happy."

And it's not just the rugby club befitting from the money raised on the group's JustGiving page, with the funds being split between three charities.

The Kebsi 13 fundraiser, supporting former Ellenborough Rangers ARLFC player and coach Kevin Gartland in his battle against Motor Neurone Disease, is one of them.

"We really think of rugby league as a family, so we want to help any way we can," Alan said.

"If anyone else wants to join in by growing a ridiculous moustache, or even just support us by donating to the page, we'd really appreciate it."

He added: "It's also a way to show our support for the NHS – we're huge supporters of the brilliant job they're all doing – I've got red hair in support of them still. So any money we can raise is really great."