Support groups have joined forces on a fundraising draw with a common goal, ensuring that their club is strong when the coronavirus lockdown ends.

Reds Independent Supporters Club has joined up with Derwent Park Supporters Club for a weekly draw. Fans who purchase tickets in the 10-week draw will contribute to the survival of Workington Reds AFC and Workington Town RLFC.

Workington Reds chairman Les Byers said: “It’s for the benefit of both clubs.”

Income from the tickets – which are available from Monday to Thursday – is split, with 25 per cent donated to each club respectively and the remaining 50 per cent offered up as a cash prize.

The winning ticket drawn every Friday is given the chance to pick one of 10 numbered keys, one of which unlocks the prize box. If the key does not fit the box, the money rolls over to the following week.

Mr Byers said: “They will win quite a big amount if it rolls on to the 10th week.”

He added that the draw is keeping fans talking about the clubs while play is suspended. “There is quite a lot of drama in it,” he said.

Tickets cost £5 each and payment can be taken by Paypal or bank transfer. For more information visit the RISC Facebook page.