Workington Town head coach Chris Thorman has faith that his players will perform when competition in League 1 resumes.

Thorman is pleased with how players from the club have dealt with the coronavirus lockdown – with many of them training hard behind the scenes.

He admitted: “We’ve had a very strict training plan.”

However he added that lockdown has posed its challenges for everyone.

“There’s got to be a bit of trust,” he added.

During full lockdown the players were on a programme devised by Thorman and the club’s strength and conditioning coach Matt Johnson.

“They were sending videos in on a weekly basis to prove what they had been doing,” said Thorman who was happy with the results.

“That proves the fact that we’ve got the right people at the club, they were all staying on top of things and doing what was necessary.

“It’s not going to hamper us too much. I’m confident we’ve got a good squad.”

As the Government has started to relax restrictions on sport, players are training together in anticipation for when sessions can resume.

Thorman said: “Some of the lads have been meeting up to train in small groups.”

He admitted that it is still uncertain when training sessions and competition can resume at Derwent Park.

“We’re still furloughed. I’m still unsure as to what’s going to happen this year.

“It’s very unlikely that, if competition does get up and running, there’s going to be any kind of promotion or relegation.”

So the Derwent Park outfit is already setting its sights on the 2021 season.

Thorman said: “That makes 2021 all the more important for us.”