Junior players have impressed in the latest West Cumbria Youth League games.

In the girls' Under-12 League, Senhouse won 3-2 against Moor Row Black on Sunday, Whitehaven AFC Yellow finished 3-0 up over Cockermouth Reds and Whitehaven AFC Blue beat Moor Row Red 7-1. Allerdale Tigers took a 3-2 victory over Workington Reds Diamonds.

In the boys' Under-12 League, Workington Reds saw 9-0 success over Whitehaven AFC Yellow and Grassroad Sharks took a 9-3 win against Silloth Juniors, while St Bees edged out Bransty Rangers 4-3.

Maryport Amateurs Red topped Seaton FC Athletic 1-7, Whitehaven AFC Blue beat Whitehaven Miners Social 7-1 and Cleator Moor Celtic defeated Seaton FC Rovers 7-3.

Bransty Rangers lost 5-0 to Maryport Amateurs in the boys' Under-13 League but Whitehaven AFC Blue won 5-1 over Seaton FC Village.

Cleator Moor Celtic were up 8-0 over Dearham Rangers Orange and Cockermouth Real took a 1-0 victory over Whitehaven AFC Yellow.

In the boys' Under-14 league on Tuesday, Whitehaven AFC Yellow took a comprehensive 9-1 victory over Whitehaven Miners Social, Seaton FC Athletic took a 8-2 victory over Dearham Rangers Oranges and Workington Reds were 5-1 winners against Whitehaven AFC Blue.

Moor Row Black were down 9-0 to Dearham Rangers Oranges but Whitehaven AFC Blue took a 5-2 victory over St Bees as Maryport Amateurs were 2-1 up over Workington Reds.

In the boys' Under-15 league, Cleator Moor Celtic topped Whitehaven AFC Yellow 9-0 and Bransty Rangers defeated Senhouse 8-4 while Seaton FC United were 9-0 up over Cockermouth United.

Whitehaven Miners Social lost 2-3 against Workington Reds while Windscale were up 3-1 against Seaton FC Athletic.

St Bees were 0-9 down to Workington Rangers and Workington Reds were 4-1 up against Whitehaven AFC but Cleator Moor Celtic took a 9-1 victory over Workington Reds Blacks. Dearham Rangers were 4-0 up against Maryport Athletic and Workington Rangers won 9-0 against Workington Reds. Cleator Moor Celtic were also 7-0 winners against Dearham Rangers.

In the boys' Under-16 League, Workington Rangers were 9-0 up over St Bees, Whitehaven AFC were 1-4 down against Workington Reds Whites but Cleator Moor Celtic won 9-1 against Workington Reds Blacks. Dearham Rangers were 4-0 up against Maryport Athletic.

In the Under-18 league, Cleator Moor Celtic were down 0-8 to Maryport Athletic and Bransty Rangers took a 5-1 victory over Abbeytown.

Whitehaven AFC topped Maryport Amateurs 2-1 and Bransty Rangers were 7-4 over Cockermouth Panthers. Workington Wanderers AFC were 6-4 up over Workington Reds and Maryport Athletic were 4-1 up against Abbeytown.