REDS are set to return to play in the FA Trophy next week but their Northern Premier League games still hang in the balance.

Workington AFC has been given the go ahead for its FA Trophy game against Nantwich Town on Tuesday December 8 but decisions are yet to be made about league games.

League teams met on Tuesday night to discuss how the league should proceed.

Reds chairman Les Byers said: “It was a couple of hours of good debate, there will be a ballot on the restarting of football.”

Directors of teams in the North Premier League have questioned how fixtures can go ahead when clubs are in different tiers of Covid-19 restrictions.

Tier three clubs cannot admit crowds.

Byers said: “What it would affect is our away games if they’re in different tiers. The big argument seems to be that 45 clubs out of the premier league are currently in tier three.

"We at Workington can play with crowds because we’re only in tier two."

Non-league clubs are concerned about the prospect of playing behind closed doors like the upper echelon of the sport. The ballot on how to proceed with league fixtures took place on Wednesday night with a decision pending.

Although it is achievable for elite clubs, non-league teams like Workington AFC rely on funds from spectators.

Manager Danny Grainger remains laser focussed despite the uncertainty surrounding upcoming fixtures.

"We've got a game to prepare for we've got a date in our head now."

He admitted it would have been preferable to have a date in mind for longer, but the side have two training sessions before the game to get back up to speed.

Grainger said: "Nantwich are in the same boat, they're coming back after a month off. We're all desperate for football to come back."

With a motivated side, who are on a run of good form, facing a tough opponent, the Tuesday night away game could be a compelling one. Grainger said: "The boys are excited, I'm excited, everyone in the club is."