REDS boss Danny Grainger has called for a “fair” end to the current season.

The Northern Premier League, of which Workington AFC is a member, announced last week that the season could be rendered “null and void” depending on how football clubs vote. Board members from the Three Trident Leagues have advised that the season be rendered null and void but The FA is asking non-league clubs to give their take.

Workington Reds manager Danny Grainger said: “This pandemic is horrible, peoples safety and health is the main thing nobody’s disputing that, the one thing I’m saying is that there has to be a situation that when we do get back to playing football, it’s done with integrity.”

Workington AFC missed out on the title when the last season was rendered void. Grainger added that it is not about Reds position in the current season: “If it works out in any way and it benefits another team I would be pushing to vote for it.”

He said: “My ideal scenario is when lockdown’s over, we restart and finish a round of games and say that’s the season.”

If the league decides not to complete the season, he said: “The only fair way is putting the two seasons together and going on points per game.”

Managers are worried that frustrated players could fall out of the non-league game. Grainger called it a “massive concern.”

“I’ve been involved in football for 17 years, I know what goes into it.”

He added that cancelling the season would mean voiding players and staff’s hard work: “For me it’s wrong to just strike a pen through two seasons.

“It’s disappointing for football clubs and fans, they’ve got memories of those games. Scott Allison has a memory of scoring his 100 goals, in the league’s eyes that hasn’t happened.

“Everyone says it was unfair how we were treated last year, they’ve got a chance to rectify a mistake they made.”