A crowdfunding campaign designed to raise much needed funds for a community rugby club has generated £15,570.75

The Workington Zebras rugby club launched a fundraising appeal in March after persistent dog fouling on their pitch.

Their initial target of £10,000 was pledged to buying a fence for the perimeter of the playing field in a bid to keep players safe.

But after a huge community response, a stretch target was made of £15,000, further donations after the initial £10k were pledged to converting a storage container for a viewing area and buying temporary floodlights.

Workington Zebras announced yesterday that their fundraiser has ended having surpassed the target.

A spokesperson for the club said: "We owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to the 140 plus individuals and businesses who got behind the project.

"The development of the Paddock will start in June, then we'll be able to provide a facility which the kids and rugby players of West Cumbria deserve.

"All our supporters will be remembered in the new season’s programmes and on the Wall of Fame to be placed in the club."