The founder of a organisation which provides sports camps for youngsters throughout the school holidays has rolled out a programme of activities for the summer.

Chris Wright set up Chance Camp in Cockermouth to support the physical development of young people in a fun and competitive environment. His team of devoted volunteers and coaches have been giving children something to smile about after such a tumultuous and challenging year.

Chris worked for Schools Sports since 2004 and found himself in a difficult situation when in 2011 he was made redundant.

“I had the choice where it was to get out of sport or set up my own business. I chose the latter,” he recalled.

Going for ten years, Chris’s Chance Camp has been a huge success with residents and schools alike.

“Our school holiday programme we’re running at Cockermouth rugby club is all about giving access to any child of any ability and making sure they find the activity or sport they enjoy.

“Once a year we run a multi-skill academy which is for the most talented sporty children and they have a four-day annual camp where they can hone their skills and learn from our coaches.”

Chris also runs family sessions and birthday parties. “Anything to get people enjoying physical activity,” he said. “That’s what we’re about. We’ve always gone out of our way to try and support the community.”

During every day of lockdown Chris and his team set up daily challenges for children to complete at home. They also ran their own programme for parents during this time, so they could enjoy the physical education with their children.

“We’ve got the most children we’ve ever had. I think we’ve averaged at 50 a day coming to enjoy our sessions,” he said.

It’s Chance Camp’s accessiblity which makes the group so popular among parents. Sessions run for reception and Year One children all the way through to Year Nine.

Chris added: “For the first time ever, I’ve had children all grown up join our Elite Stars programme which gives our 14 to 18-year-olds a chance to become assistant coaches.”