THERE could not have been a more fitting name: Perfect Nonsense was, indeed, perfect nonsense.

From the moment the curtain went up on the easily-confused Bertie Wooster (Thomas Richardson) pondering how to stage a play about a bonkers weekend he had been caught in the middle of at Totleigh Towers, you had a pretty good idea what was to come.

As Bertie enlisted his wonderfully cool and composed valet Jeeves (Theo Fraser Steele) and another valet, Seppings (James Duke), to help him put on the production, the slapstick chaos just kept coming.

Jeeves and Seppings spent much of the entertaining evening manically ripping costumes, hairpieces and moustaches on and off as they played a whirl of colourful characters.

From the formidable aunt to the crazed gunman and doddery manservant (think a male version of Mrs Overall), they nailed them all.

They also took it upon themselves to produce an impressive selection of scene changes, sound and stage effects. There was no holding back – we had everything, from steam trains and motor cars to farm noises and rain storms.

Fresh-faced Bertie stuck to playing himself, which was quite taxing enough.

As the farce unfolded, the characters careered around the stage. The whole thing was brilliantly choreographed with people hiding under beds, jumping out of windows and sashaying through doors.

There were masses of energy and much comedy, which the audience loved.

To add to my evening’s entertainment, the guy behind me guffawed with laughter pretty much the entire night, while simultaneously slapping his thigh.

The show ended with all the frivolity you would expect - lots of energetic Charlstoning and general craziness.

It’s hard to believe that only three actors pulled off such a cracking collection of comedy characters, in between flinging on different costumes and dragging scenery on and off stage.

They’re a talented trio. Hats off to them all.