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SEO reporter for Newsquest sites across the UK. Meeting audiences where they are by answering questions with content, including urgent breaking news, lifestyle and entertainment coverage, trending sports and more.

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B&Q store. Credit: PA
Pandora's 20 percent off Black Friday sale. Credit: Pandora
Pizza Hut Delivery has revealed a Black Friday deal. Credit: Pizza Hut Delivery
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Phillip Schofield, two ice sculpture replicas and Holly Willoughby on This Morning. Credit: ITV
New measures to be introduced to curb the spread of bird flu amongst birds and poultry in the UK. Credit: PA
Birds and poultry must be kept indoors from Monday under strict new measures to control the spread of bird flu. Credit: PA
Snow falling. Credit: Canva
Boris Johnson (left) and Emmanuel Macron. Credit: PA
Labour MP Stella Creasy speaking in the chamber of the House of Commons, in London, with her newborn baby strapped to her. Credit: PA