Your guide to all the soap action for the week ahead (from Saturday, January 9).

EastEnders (BBC1)

Frankie tells her mother she deserves everything that's coming to her, but it seems Katy is less willing to accept that she's been caught bang to rights when the police turn up on her doorstep. She heads to Mick's, but he delivers some home truths – and it turns out Shirley heard them too.

In the aftermath, Mick worries about people knowing what happened to him, but Linda is determined to fix things.

Meanwhile, the Carters have more problems to deal with when it looks like Tina won't show up for her hearing. Gray sends a text from her phone, but Linda knows there's something she can do to help – although it will mean contacting Max...

Dotty throws a party, which turns into a bit of a damp squib when Peter, Ash, Tiff and Keegan abandon ship to have their own bash at the call centre. However, Jean is determined to enjoy herself, despite running out on her biopsy.

Sharon encourages Martin to make things right with Ruby, and Denise has a warning for Lucas after speaking to Phil.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Peter is back from Scotland claiming he hasn't touched a drop of alcohol, so when he's told his liver function hasn't improved, another downward spiral begins.

Even Daniel's offer of donating part of his liver doesn't lift his half-brother's mood. Instead, Peter wallows in self pity and embarks on a path of self-destruction which involves drawing up an 'Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment' declaration and swigging whisky from a bottle in the ginnel behind No 1. He's later found there suffering from hypothermia but, instead of getting warm, stumbles off into the cold again.

Peter's son Simon could use his father's support at the moment. He's trying to keep Leanne on an even keel, but even a visit from Nick doesn't help.

Yasmeen offers Asha some much-needed relationship advice after spotting Corey's bullying behaviour, Tim discovers what Faye has been hiding and Roy launches a new plan that may save the street.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Debbie returns to the village with Zak in tow, but she isn't the mood for a celebration and a catch-up, as she's furious that Sarah has gone missing.

She manages to track her daughter down to a barn, where Sarah is about to get passionate with Danny. Debbie soon realises that while she may have stopped Sarah making one mistake, the teen has clearly taken something.

But it's Debbie's turn to feel ashamed when Sarah opens up about how lonely she's been – and the fact that she put the drugs in Ethan's jacket.

Marlon comes up with an unusual way to let Rhona knows he wants to be more than friends - he dresses up as Stan Laurel to remind her of their old movie nights. Will it do the trick?

A jealous Harriet hits the bottle after noticing the sparks flying between Will and Kim. Dawn is sympathetic, but will she still be so understanding when she discovers the vicar managed to lose Lucas while picking him up, putting her custody of him in jeopardy?

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

John Paul is feeling loved up when he returns with George, but the post-holiday glow doesn't last long when he discovers what's been going with Mercedes and Silas.

It's also awkward when he tries to apologise to Nancy for taking Kyle's watch, only to realise she's the reason George is now facing an internal review at work. When the teacher and copper argue, John Paul tries to stay out of it, which leaves George simmering with rage that his boyfriend didn't stand up for him.

There's more pressure when George's ex Dean turns up. But while John Paul feels insecure, should he be more concerned about Dean's warning that the police officer turned him into the obsessive person he is now?

Elsewhere, a guilty Sienna comes clean to Liberty about her affair with Warren, but worries when her sister thinks Brody should know the truth too. James is concerned when he hears about Sid's dangerous plan to help Juliet, and Ste comes face to face with Sami for the first time since he terrorised the lawyer's family.

Home and Away (C5)

After watching Taylor and Colby together from afar, Angelo finally confronts the police officer about the affair with his wife. The big question is, of course, which of the two men in her life will Taylor choose – or will she go it alone?

Colby has something else to worry about too, namely Bella, who is still planning to leave Summer Bay and start afresh in New Zealand with Nikau. Colby accuses Nikau of forcing Bella to move on, but perhaps should look closer to home for her reasons for not wanting to stick around.

Ziggy finally catches up with Tane, who now has to deal with the van going missing and having drug dealers on his tail; Ari, meanwhile, seems both distant and down about his health.

Justin isn't feeling very fit either, despite returning home from hospital, while Amber tells Dean she won't be allowing him to raise their son.

Neighbours (C5)

Sheila still hopes to be reconciled with Clive and turns to Jane for help - little realising Jane is secretly seeing Clive. The pair seem drawn to each other and want to continue their affair, but have to think long and hard about its implications.

As Amy tries to get back into Paul's good books following the pitch meeting, Dipi is also considering a reconciliation - until she sees how easily Shane seems to be getting on with various women at the bar.

Aaron feels he's being placed in an impossible situation by David's refusal to forgive Nicolette, who is desperately searching for a new job. Unfortunately, as she seems to have offended everybody in Erinsborough, the task is far from easy.

Terese is rushed to hospital, Roxy hasn't heard anything since sending her latest erotic video to Kyle, and Jay and Hendrix's blackjack game takes an unexpected twist.