A young Cumbrian man has been wowing fans of The Beatles during a week-long festival dedicated to the band in their hometown of Liverpool.

Seaton-based Logan Paul Murphy, otherwise known as ‘The Beatle Boy’, has spent the past seven days performing in different venues around the city for the International Beatleweek event.

When asked how he became a fan of the band, Murphy said: “My dad has a motorbike business, and he delivers motorbikes up and down the country. I used to travel with him and one day, when I was around eight years old, I saw this Beatles CD in his van. I asked my dad who they were and after he said “The Beatles” I put it in and ever since I’ve been hooked on them.”

Celebrations are underway to commemorate 50 years since the release of the Fab Four’s last album ‘Let It Be’. Discussing how lucky he was to be selected to perform at the festival on such a momentous year, Logan said: “I was asked to perform for Beatleweek and honestly it was amazing to have done so, especially in such a year for Beatles fans. To be asked is such an honour and it feels absolutely amazing.”

One venue where Logan has been playing is The Cavern Club, synonymous with The Beatles who performed at the club before finding global stardom. To be playing at the historic site as a Beatles lover, Logan said “It was amazing. Nearly every day we played it was rammed, even in the mornings when I was performing. We received a standing ovation after one performance in front of a full Cavern Club, it was awesome."