On the 9th of January 2023 it was announced that the adult cartoon ‘inside job’ on Netflix, would be canceled after just 2 seasons leaving many fans distraught and upset online. Many people have said that they would like Netflix to at least give the series a satisfying ending and bring the show to a conclusion due to the cliffhanger ending on season 2 and some have started a change.org petition hoping to get some attention, bringing a community together to try and change something.


The creator of the show, Shion Takeuchi, made a statement on Twitter saying she is ‘heartbroken to confirm’ that the show was officially canceled and ‘these characters have become real people to me, and I am devastated not to be able to watch them grow up.’

Netflix has a history of canceling shows after just a few seasons and some suspect it’s because of the queer rep in shows like ‘I am not ok with this’ and ‘warrior nun’ but those are just rumors. Netflix has also canceled ‘Dead End: Paranormal Park’ and ‘Final Space’ both shows with such big fandoms. Others are shocked that these amazing shows will get cancled but shows like 'Riverdale' and 'Big Mouth' have been renewed for so many seasons, with no pattern.

People have also come to recently call out Netflix for a post they made in 2017 stating that ”We don't like leaving a story unfinished. We learned a lot from Sense and we're going to try not to do this in the future.”