March 13th marked history in the cinematic world, out of the 24 categories in the Oscars the 2022 film ‘Everything everywhere all at once’ amazingly took home seven of these awards - surpassing the ‘Return of the king’ as the most awarded film of all time. During that night, Brendan Fraiser returned to the big screen and was awarded for his role in ‘The Whale’ and Ke Huy Quan was delighted to win best supporting actor and educated the audience about his many hardships during his career within his speech.  

The film ‘Everything everywhere all at once’ is centred morally around the importance of kindness however this is deeply entwined within the alternate dimensions and amazing visual effects. The movie follows the idea that there are an infinite number of universes and the one we end up in depends on every choice we make - subconsciously and consciously. With the amazing writing, directing and acting, every section of this movie pulls together to create the overall masterpiece that is already becoming a modern classic.  

Critics and audiences both reacted positively to the release of the film and the critics rated it as 94% on rotten tomatoes, whilst the audience score was 86%. Many critics acknowledged that the film touches on many important themes that are relevant in today's society, however some disagreed suggesting that the filmmakers loaded too much onto the film and suggested it was overcrowded and unpleasurable to watch. A local student agreed with most critics suggesting it was “the best movie of 2022”. Overall, the public seemed to enjoy and react in positive light towards the excitement held within this movie - highlighting it was easy to watch and an immersive experience even whilst touching on heavy topics such as divorce and family issues. 

In conclusion, much like any movie not everybody agreed on the rating, however the film is a turning point within Hollywood - hopefully seeing them becoming more inclusive with those they give opportunities to and recognise as serious filmmakers. Many people were excited to see that the Oscars have begun recognising movies including Asian representation without harmful stereotypes. Due to this people are joyous about the fact the academy is becoming more inclusive, however applauded by how long it has taken to reach this point with the film industry.