A Cockermouth mum has launched a petition calling for the town library to extend its opening hours.

Grace Bennion has two children, Elsie, four, and Bryn, 18 months.

"My daughter loves to read and I love to read with her, to her and with her little brother," said Grace.

"We have always tried to use Cockermouth library as much as possible to get books, but since the library reduced its opening hours to 10am to 4pm during the week and 10am to 2pm on a Saturday we are finding it very difficult to enjoy, or even get the opportunity of using the space.

"During the week, after school, we can just about make it before closing to get some books, but this is a rushed and not enjoyable experience."

Grace would like the hours to be extended on at least one weekday. This would allow her and other parents - including those who have children at outlying village schools - to enjoy what is on offer.

She feels that Saturday visits are not an option for many families because there is so much else going on.

"I am sure that there must be other people out there, not just mums with kids just come out of school, who would like the pleasure of browsing books, rather than being rushed to grab some before the library closes," she said.

Her petition, which has 112 signatures so far, can be found at www.change.org. It will be presented to the town council, who took over the Main Street library from the county council last year.

"It's great that the town council has taken it on," said Grace.

"I would like them to be a bit more flexible and support the people that vote for them and want to access a community asset."