Maryport children may be to blame for this week's snow.

Two Maryport schools have worked together on a special winter project.

Six and seven-year-olds Grasslot Infant School and Ewanrigg Junior School children aged eight and nine, met and worked together on projects which included poetry and art.

But they also learned a snow dance and chant which appears to have worked.

The children were disappointed, however, as they did not dance hard enough to keep the snow for longer.

When parents visited Grasslot school this week even the smallest children were eager to show of their knowledge of words bigger than themselves including similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration.

The children divided into pairs - one from each school - to compose the poems they read to parents on Wednesday.

The project was organised by teachers and sisters -in-law Lisa Chilton from Grasslot and Helen Chilton from Ewanrigg.

Grasslot head Karen Louden said the project had been a huge success: "It was great how the children worked together. The older ones were so kind with the Grasslot children and I think both groups enjoyed working with the other."

She said as well as being fun, the project had an important role to play in the curriculum.

As well as the co-operation with each other, the children had completed and art project and learned a lot about literature and language.

"There is even a sporting aspect. All the children are going on a trip to the ice skating rink in Dumfries after half-term."