Orchestral art rockers The Red Paintings will be bringing their extensive world tour to Cumbria this month.

The international band, who were formed in Australia but are now based across London and Los Angeles, are in the midst of an ambitious tour in support of their new single, Deleted Romantic, and the UK leg arrives in Workington on Friday June 16.

As well as the UK leg, the tour will take in mainland Europe, Russia and Iceland. 

The band released their acclaimed debut album, The Revolution Is Never Coming, in 2013, and have been playing across the globe ever since.

After suffering a near-fatal seizure, visionary performer Trash McSweeney now sees colour in music and has set out to share with the world the ideas he has seen and felt.

Their appeal reaches baroque-pop, steam-punks, metalheads, indie rock fanatics, and beyond.

They incorporate multimedia performance art wherever possible and seek submissions from local artists who paint the band’s live energy onstage in real time. With costumes, conceptual stage shows, live painting and human canvases their performance combines sound and visuals to create an experience that stimulates the senses and minds of the audience.

The Red Paintings are also well-loved for their strong social consciousness, working closely alongside doctors and experts to help the battle against youth suicide, and frequently collaborating with animal rights organisations.

The Revolution Is Never Coming was five years in the making and features a 35-piece orchestra, 22-piece choir, harp players, French horn, theremin and more across 13 tracks of futuristic rock.

The band raised donations from fans all over the world to create their vision and have received critical acclaim for their creative vision and ambitious scope.

The show in Workington on Friday June 16 takes place at Lounge 41 and will start at 9pm. Entrance is free.