Conservative candidate Trudy Harrison has launched a six-point plan of pre-election pledges to “help ensure Copeland captures the benefits of the opportunities heading its way”.

With a “proven track record of getting stuff done” as a community campaigner, Mrs Harrison says her priority is ensuring Moorside goes ahead.

On recent speculation that Toshiba’s involvement in the scheme could be in doubt, Mrs Harrison said she has received a personal assurance from NuGen chief Tom Samson that the project will go ahead.

Alongside Moorside, Mrs Harrison’s agenda includes:

  • Making a success of Brexit
  • Protecting local jobs and industry
  • Skills, training and apprenticeships for local people
  • Improving rural broadband
  • Flood prevention
  • Better public transport.

On the West Cumberland Hospital, Mrs Harrison said protecting services there is “one of the reasons I’m standing”, having given birth to all four of her children there.

Supporting her campaign – and her broadband pledge – this week was broadband minister Matt Hancock MP.

On a visit to Ravenglass, Mr Hancock said: “Trudy made clear how important superfast broadband is, especially in this part of Cumbria. She will be a strong local voice and I look forward to working with her to get Copeland connected.”

In response to the closure threat at Captain Shaw’s School in Bootle, Mrs Harrison – a school governor – led a successful campaign to save the school and has secured millions of pounds of investment in various village projects since 2010.

She has been behind award-winning initiative Bootle 2020, including its successful Wellbank houses/hotel project, and works as a project manager, mainly focusing on construction and energy.

Mrs Harrison previously worked for Copeland Council as its regeneration officer and at Sellafield, and served as a parish councillor in Bootle from 2004 to 2007.

“It’s a crucial time for the area; there’s so much to look forward to but much more work to be done,” she said.