The osprey chick at Bassenthwaite Lake has been given a clean bill of health following a check-up.

The female chick was checked as a team of experts ringed her and fitted a satellite tracker.

The osprey has also been named Bega, after the found of the church on the lakeside.

The name was chosen by Pamela Evans in a public competition.

Nathan Fox, of the Lake District Osprey Project, said: "We are delighted with how well Bega is doing.

"Following the loss of the other two osprey chicks due to magpie predation earlier in the season, Bega has been receiving all the food her parents bring in.

"She weighs an incredible 1.8 kg – the heaviest chick we’ve had since the project began in 2001.

"Her wingspan was also measured and she was then ringed by a team of experts under a special licence.

"They fitted her with a blue ring numbered V5 on her right leg and also a BTO ring on her left leg, along with a satellite tracker."

The tracking device will allow Bega to be followed when she leaves around the end of August.

It is expected she will migrate to Africa, where ospreys spend the winter months.

The tracker will show how fast she flies, where she stops off and where she stays for the winter, providing valuable information on the movements of ospreys.

The chick was returned to the nest immediately after her health check.

Nathan added: "All the procedures were carried out under rigorous government licence by experts who have undergone years of training.

"It's important to remember the disturbance of ospreys on the nest is an offence, and anyone responsible for disturbing the birds may be liable for prosecution, so the best and only places to see the ospreys are the viewpoints at Dodd Wood or Whinlatter Visitor Centre."

This is the 16th year of successful hatching for the Bassenthwaite ospreys, with more than 30 chicks raised since the project began.

To watch the ospreys, visitors can join a dedicated team of staff and volunteers at the viewpoint at Dodd Wood daily from 10am to 5pm until the end of August.

Images from a live nest cam can be viewed at Whinlatter Visitor Centre at the same times and online at